Viva la Diva

Le convenienze e le inconvenienze teatrali / Based on a poem by Simeone Antonio Sografi
Donizetti's opera with the original title “Sitten und Bad Mann am Theater” tells the story of an opera company trying to bring an opera to the stage. In this respect, two levels are present through the evening: that of the opera that is to be performed and that of the opera company with all its typical personalities. The singers keep arguing about who has the more important role. The director and the theater director get into trouble over their own opera with the beautiful title “Romolo ed Ersilia”, and chaos threatens from all sides. The focus of the plot is the aging diva Agatha, who in the midst of all the turmoil announces that she will take on a role herself. Donizetti has cast the star role of Agatha with a baritone, which opens up a further humorous level. The drama takes its course, the theater is upside down and soon nobody believes in an ideal opera world anymore.
Musical director Adrian Kelly Staging Stephen MedcalfChoreography  Kate Watson