Plan(et) B

What will people from the future think when they look back at the past of their planet? How will life on earth then be? Could the earth speak, what would she say?

These topical issues are moving children and teenagers around the world. Through her courage and dedication, Greta Thunberg has moved young people everywhere to stand and fight for their future. Their wishes, fears and thoughts on this topic are expressed by the members of the youth club "Losgestartet" with the piece "Plan (et) B".They take the audience on a multi-faceted journey from the here and now to the distant future and show their view of the climate crisis. Because in one point they are all in agreement: "We have to change something now! Planet B, it does not exist! " 

  • Director, stage and costumes: Matthias Kreinz
  • Choreography and concept: Kate Watson
  • Theater Education: Patricia Pfisterer


© Tobias Witzgall