Jakob im Kleid

World premiere / Youth ballet in the classroom 22/02/2019

Typical girl? Typical boy? Not here! Jakob is new in the class the same day as Lena. But Lena finds it easy to make friends. She is confident and cool with her chic outfits. Above all, she does not care about what others think of her. Jakob wishes he could be like her - he's shy and sometimes feels a lot different from all the boys. Of course he likes computer games and football, but he is also interested in fashion and dance - and he secretly wishes he could wear dresses. But that is never possible in life. He knows everyone would laugh at him and shut him out. Due to their common interest in fashion, Lena and Jakob become friends. After all, it is she who encourages him to fulfill his desire and to stand by oneself against the opinion of others. Even if that means he wears a dress.

As a ballet piece in the classroom, the story of Jakob shows how important it is not to be oppressed by classical images such as boys or girls in search of one's own identity. Pink stands for girls and blue for boys. But why does it have to be that way? On the other hand, strong role models are needed that demonstrate that every human being can be - and attract - whatever they want. It only takes courage and the good fortune to have real friends who support you.

Gender norms and diversity are currently much discussed topics, but the taboos remain. Authors such as David Walliams ("The boy in the dress") and Jens Thiele ("Jo in the red dress") write strong calls for more freedom to unfold their own identity against all standards. 


Images © Anna-Maria Löffelberger