Being Human

19 Percent of cyber bully victims attempt suicide.

We are losing the ability to interact face to face, Instagram and Facebook have changed the way we define the word friend, double taps are compliments, shares are approval and friend requests a popularity contest. No one could truly have 1000+ people as real friends, people who are there for you and support you. Lets become human again, open our minds and make friends with real people

Choroegraphie Kate Watson, Dramaturgie Astrid Großgasteiger

I wanted to base this dance piece on a number of issues teenagers face growing up these days where bullying has become prevalent in the cyberworld as well as the physical world. Social media can be a powerful tool but all too often it is used to taunt, harass and bully victims. These internet trolls cowardly hide behind their screens and smart phones unaware of the true extent of mental anguish they cause, all too often leading to a tragic outcome.

 Another issue I wished to address is mental illness. Depression and anorexia effects not only young girls but 10 percent of sufferers are boys - who are less likely to reach out for help. We have to encourage young people to believe in themselves and their appearance.

Lastly I addressed the problem of prejudice, whether it is against race, religion or sexuality we are all human and we should embrace our differences not fight or tease others for the way they look, what their beliefs are or who they choose to have a relationship with. Different is not bad or wrong. 

Images © Christina Canaval and watsondesigns