Wild im Wald

The forest is dark and full of noise, it is the dead of night. Luisa is lost and before the morning will not find her way home. So she seeks refuge in a hollow tree trunk, where she finds an old storybook and a stub of candle. In the flickering light Luisa begins to read and - abracadabra, miraculously the forest is coming alive. Luisa is immersed in a colorful fairy tale world, with fantastic stories and colorful characters.What happens when Little Red Riding Hood meets Rumpelstiltskin ... When the Brave Little Tailor, who is hopelessly in love with the beautiful princess fight the powerful giant to win her hand? What happens to the princess with the golden ball, will she kiss the frog to get her Prince Charming? How are Hansel and Gretel, who fall into the clutches of an evil witch, will they finally escape her oven?

Scenic conception and dramaturgy  Astrid Großgasteiger . Choreography Kate Watson,  Josef Vesely and Alexander Korobko.